Ahana 45

When you feel like you need a little pick me up, a shot of espresso, or a dose of goodness but only have a small chunk of time - this is the class for you. You will get your sweat on, lengthen, stretch your muscles, and get connected. All within 45 minutes.


The perfect hour. Ahana flow is a vinyassa style yoga class with creative sequencing, chanting, and meditating. You'll find sun salutations, standing postures, back opening, inversions & twisting. It is a sweaty, fun, & challenging yoga class. Open to all levels.


Mysore ashtanga is the traditional method of studying ashtanga yoga asana. It consists of a set sequence of postures, practiced in a quiet room with individual instruction from a teacher. The practice is taught according to each person's needs, abilities and pace.


super awesome
kids yoga flow

sweet &

This is the everything class. In one hour you will work up a sweat and then be pampered in restorative poses to balance you out. The sweet and sweety is a slower paced class geared for those who want to slow it down but not too much. In a class there will be 20 min of standing postures to work up some fire and then 30 minutes of restorative postures topped off with a super sweet savasana. This is a delicious one, good for all levels.

This class is one of our favs as it is near and dear to our hearts. This is not your ordinary kids yoga class. Sure they will glean all of the benefits of traditional yoga such as downward dog and the classic postures. But they will also learn how to do the fun stuff such as handstands, crab walks & moving like animals in the jungle— Once they are through with their yoga class, they will be ready to chill and relax, a perfect combo for any kid.