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Kirtan with Kish from The Mayapuris


Kish (Kishor) Rico has been involved in Kirtan music since his childhood years. He went to Mayapur, India at age 12 and immersed himself in traditional music, martial arts, Bengali sports, and holistic medicine. He passionately plays with the Mayapuris and discovered a deep connection with the flute.

Kishor is a musical adept, his various talents as a composer and artist enhanced by the depth of his practice. Kishor’s flute playing hums with spiritual resonance and a deep devotion to the path. His rhythmic style is distinct, mathematical elegance, his kirtan is moving and soulful, and he has been the prime engineer manning the helm throughout the “9 islands” recording project. Many facets of the Mayapuris have been crafted by his management and administrative acumen. Kishor is also the head of a non-profit organization meant for sharing the culture of kirtan and bhakti with youth from bhakti centers all around the world.


Kirtan is a very simple & powerful way to meditate.  It’s effortless & joyful; the music does the work for you as you flow with the melody & rhythm. Kirtan is a very different kind of music.  Based on ancient chants, it has the ability to quiet the mind if listened to with intention. Kirtan is non-denominational, the Universal language of Spirit, the song of the Soul.

No previous musical experience is needed. This is an exploration of the heart, independent of vocal or musical technique.

Later Event: September 1
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