This week's schedule


who we are

We are a group of teachers, students, healers, surfers, runners & everything in between. We are a community of people that are invested in making this world a better place through the practice of yoga.

what we do

We teach yoga of course! We teach beginners, athletes, advanced yogis, flexible people, tight people - everyone is welcome. 

how we do it

With love & lots of sweat. We have 5 different class types in order to cater to all kinds of yogis, the minute you step into the spot you are a yogi, so don't be fooled. If you cannot touch your toes you can still be a yogi. Just takes an open heart, kindness and compassion & a willingness to put in some work on the mat.  


A space that is beautiful and feels like home. We welcome you at the door and learn your name. A space that holds you and teaches you the practice of yoga, because it is awesome.